Light House Bangladesh

The Major Current Projects of Light House


Salient Engagements in: Governance & Justice Sector

Improvement of the Real Situation of Overcrowding in Prison in Bangladesh (IRSOP)

Light House with the financial assistance of GIZ implemented a project for reducing the overcrowding in the prisons and strengthening community mechanisms for justice in the selected locations from July 2014. A total of 8 unions are the working areas of this project – Among those four unions namely 1) Sabgram, 2) Fapore, 3) Noongola and 4) Erulia are under Bogra Sadar upazila, while the other four unions namely 5) Muruil, 6) Narhatta, 7) Birkedar and 8) Maloncha are from Kahaloo Upazila. The goal of the project is to improve the quality of life of convicted persons and their associates for a meaningful human development and reduction of criminal offenses through restorative approaches. We have three objectives in this project:


To revitalize community mechanisms to reduce overcrowding in prisons through restorative practices.

To minimize recidivism among drug addicted offenders by helping through appropriate referral and link up services.

Strengthening capacity of the relevant service providers and community based organizations for introducing and institutionalizing “diversions” criminal justice system.


Strengthening Civic Engagement in Elections and Political Processes for Enhanced Transparency & Democratic Accountability

It is funded by DFID through The Asia Foundation to enhance the transparency of electoral processes and credibility of election processes. Light House has been working as a member of Election Working Group (EWG) a coalition with 27 civil society and development organizations financial assistance of The Asia Foundation. EWG formed in 2006 with the goal of enhancing the transparency and accountability of elections and other democratic processes. Under the umbrella of EWG Light House has observed national and local elections; conducted voter education and advocacy on election-related issues; and issued recommendations for further improving the election process. The election program is designed to observe Election Day, election-related events, Upazila Election Office Diagnosis and disable diagnosis on a monthly basis in various constituencies across the Rajshahi & Rangpur division.


Justice for All (JFA) Program in Bogra district

In Bogra, community people particularly women, children, elderly citizens and people living in char-land and hard to reach areas with little or no resources and cannot access legal remedies when their rights are violated or they are victimized. The government initiative through NLAC, DLAC, UZLAC and UPLAC to assist eligible community people with legal aid assistance to access justice, especially for the poor income group, elderly citizens, persons with disability, abandoned women with minor children dowry, rape victim, polygamy, early marriage, domestic violence, land dispute, torture, injury at local rivalry, trafficking, environmental pollution by bidi factory and brickfield, land grabbing etc. The government legal aid package can play an important role to protect the legal and human rights of the illiterate, ignorant and resource-less poor people.

From October 2014 Light House implementing “Justice for All Program” in Bogra project Funded by USAID’s Justice for All Program in 12 Upazila covering 3,310,874 populations from 108 unions of Bogra district. The project aims to activate and make a functional all legal aid committee (DLAC, UZLAC and UPLAC) through an effective coordination mechanism. Increasing awareness on legal literacy of government legal aid services through making the demand for justice and rights (social, economical and legal) among marginalized vulnerable, deprived of-women, adolescent, children, ethnic and religious minorities and the extremely poor segment of the society by creating an enabling environment in the supply side making affordable & accessible of available services in the Bogra district of Bangladesh.


Justice for All: Pabna Project 1

The project is supported by USAID through NCSC to ensure fair Justice and promote access to justice services for the vulnerable and un-served population, especially women, adolescent, poor groups of Pabna distirct covering 61 unions in 9 Upazila to provide services 28,00214 through awareness. To strengthen legal aid services in the formal justice sector , involved judicial service delivered to the public  and increase legal literacy among target population  Light House implementing Justice for all Pabna project funded by USAID’s justice for all program covering 9 upazilla of pabna district from October/15 .